My name is Maya Oren. I am a filmmaker, creative mind, and food-obsessed. I am self-taught and a self-starter, and often prefer to find solutions through unconventional measures. Gifted a Pentax film camera at age 11, I have spent years accumulating pieces of what makes this life wonderful. I grew up, and was dropped into the crazy world that is creative branding in NYC. This taught me [quickly] how to deal with every personality, and also gave me the gift of a sharp eye for curation, with a knowledge of how to tell a compelling visual story. MOJALVO began as a way for me to become more intimately acquainted with aspects of life that interest me. From farmers and the food they provide for our nation, small business owners with incredible profiles-- even to families' milestone events, I strive to create beautiful pieces about the things I find fascinating. 


Published on: Green Wedding Shoes, BARTECA, Wanderlust, Yahoo Food, Cherry Bombe,, Brooklyn Roasting Co., Monarch Workshop, Bisou Sessions, New York States of Mind, Connecticut Food + Farm Magazine, The Perpetual You Magazine, DiFiore Ravioli Shop, Karri-Lee Designs