I'm Maya.

I am a creative mind, out-of-box-thinker, and a storyteller. A visual content creator.

I'm a wallflower. I prefer to take in my surroundings by observing the interactions around me. From the age of eleven, I've had a camera attached to my hand, documenting life.

I traveled abroad, living in both Tel Aviv and Barcelona, to complete my Bachelors' in Communications. I took this opportunity to navigate through the rich cultures these places had to offer. This experience opened my eyes to the tiny, beautiful nuances that exist in the people that make up our world. It was through my travels, that I gained a robust love for cuisines and dining culture. I also learned about the importance of supporting local. 

I moved to New York City to work in the fashion industry as a creative branding account manager, and a stylist. In my free time, I would travel to farms in the tri-state area to film stories behind the farm-to-table movement. [Fun fact: I've been pooped on by a dairy cow while filming.]


MOJALVO was the natural connection and progression of all of my passions. It is how I see the world, and the brands I work with. I learn about you, and figure out how to visually showcase your brand to the world. My diverse background and experiences allow me to create compelling content that will speak to both the audience and the brand.

Through short films, stop motion, and still photography, I tell your story.


Featured on:

Tasting Table, Condé Nast Traveler, Yahoo Food, Cherry Bombe, James Beard Foundation, BARTECAWanderlust, Brooklyn Roasting Co.,

 Green Wedding Shoes ,Connecticut Food + Farm Magazine