The End, Brooklyn

your intuition led you here, 522 metropolitan ave

so guys, this whole unicorn-food trend... it's kind of fun, but it's also kind of weird. i'll get down with the "unicorn farts" made from cotton candy, or rainbow cookies in the shape of the mystical horse, but when the combinations are just an attempt to get as much sugar and crap onto one plate for the sake of glitter and rainbows and likes, i have to call it out. that is, until i began noticing this multicolored drink called the "unicorn latte" conceptualized at a place called "the end" in williamsburg. what piqued my interest is the fact that these drinks aren't just a sweet-y mess of colors trying to look pretty. they are actually blended tonics--herb and plant-based alchemy that create vibrant, good-for-you lattes. 

a couple of months ago, i began drinking ashwagandha [an ayurvedic herb] in my morning coffee as per the recommendation of my good friends at greenheart juice. i began this ritual in a desperate attempt to manage my sudden and extreme rise in anxiety [a broken heart and running a business as a one-woman team will definitely do that to ya!] and was blown away by the almost instantaneous results. i've continued to drink this herb daily, and began fooling around with other herbals like he she wu and tocos. so basically, this is why the end had to happen. because its a whole cafe dedicated to this cool stuff i love.  

after wrapping up an all-day shoot in williamsburg, i found my way to the end. i was overwhelmed by the vast number of tonics, but ended up ordering the barista's favorite: the amethyst [appropriate also because i am born in february]. the amethyst was a perfect blend of lavender, maqui + goji berries, vanilla, lucuma powder, tocos and almond mylk, topped with purple glitter goodness. dudes, the sweet, lovely sips of this drink was what allowed me to make it through my hellish, traffic-filled ride home. of course, since i'm a coffee-holic, i also ordered an espresso shot, but thats beside the point. this latte was magic in a cup.


man, i seriously want that drink right about now. too bad we're now buried in about a foot of snow.



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