Ogunquit, ME

in 2013 I began volunteering with the USO. this organization is extremely close to my heart, and i've made a handful of very good friends from it. we've talked about taking a road trip for years, and finally, an impromptu trip to maine appeared, with the purpose of taking a molly yeh workshop at the stonewall kitchen. my friend kara has been visiting maine since she was a child, and so she planned our visit with an overnight in ogunquit. the minute we stepped onto a trolley named dolly i was enrapt and smitten and in love. this seaside town is the town of my dreams and i soaked up every moment. i felt comforted by the salty ocean, the slightly cool breeze on my skin, and the ease of vacation that perfumed the air. we watched the sky turn cotton candy pink, ate lobster rolls bundled in the [no] layers when the sun set and the temperature dropped. we spent less than 24 hours in this town, but i still left with a list of places i will absolutely return to. 

ROOST CAFE AND BISTRO, 262 shore road

wild. blueberry. [gluten free]. pancakes. they were fluffy, cakey, and filled with melty gems of the sweet maine fruit. I basically ate a vanilla cake for breakfast--with eggs and bacon on the side. we sat nestled into hydrangeas and low-hanging tree branches, and bicycles whirred by. it was peaceful and beautiful and delicious. everything we ordered hit the spot, but i honestly would go back exclusively for these pancakes that have fallen from heaven. 

OARWEED RESTAURANT, 65 perkins cove road

lobster roll, lobster blt. yes they're both here and both scrumptious. this place is no frills, and feels quintessentially new england. be sure to sit in the back room for a clear view of the ocean from a full bay of open windows. best enjoyed at sunset.

CONGDON'S DOUGHNUTS, 1090 post road

yes, they live up to their standards, and yes, you have to wait in line. I hate waiting in lines, but i was at the mercy of my uso gal pals and so we woke up at 5a, drove to the shore, watched the sun rise while I yawned approximately 16.2 times [it was stunning and i would do it again, fyi], and then drove to congdon's for doughnuts. these doughnuts are cakey yet moist, and the line moves pretty fast. the key is getting there before the store is officially open, and order a large coffee the minute you get to the counter--at least i did. (>coffee lover<) 

we finished up the weekend at the stonewall kitchen. molly and I met a couple of months ago at the cherry bombe jubilee and from the minute that i met her i knew we'd become fast friends. she's bubbly, sweet as the cakes she bakes, and just so cool. i've definitely fangirled over her insta feed and blog for years, and her stuff just keeps getting better and better. we ate the most incredible meal inspired by her travels. her marzipan dark chocolate scone loaf was crispy and doughy and light and dense-- just literally perfect. and then we had shakshuka, homemade pita, and israeli salad, and THEN i tasted the best thing to grace my taste buds that weekend--a rhubarb malabi. crumbly pistachio crust held a coconut pudding that was topped with sweet melty rhubarb. i could not stop, spoon after spoon. i wished it could go on forever. i wished i could just have an iv of this stuff into my soul. thanks molly, for making one of the best versions of my favorite desserts. 

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