i like to trend forecast

for a couple of years now, as the year comes to a close, ryan and i will send each other obscene amounts of texts, dm’s, and emails filled with screenshots and random sentiments regarding trends we predict will take center stage in the next year. in the past three years, we have been eerily correct. every time the trend takes full swing, we freak out because we knew it would happen, and here it is, in front of our eyes, in all its trend glory. we’ve talked about starting a site that will hold all of our predictions, and random musings, and this year, we hope to finally get it off the ground. until then, for my own sanity, i am listing my predictions for 2019 trends here:

1. broccoli as a supplement. it will be seen and used as a superfood.

2. sobriety and the term, “sober curious” will take over the overused “self care” movement. we will begin to see way more sober-friendly events, influencers taking strong sobriety stances, and a movement toward drinking less v. cool.

3. along the lines of sobriety, we will see trend in brands focused on the production of mock-tails, alcohol-free cocktails, and alternative beverages. an uptick in healthy beverages to accompany your nights out.

4. fancy tie dye. this one was all ryan, and i am now a believer. we will see loads of tie dye but in intelligent applications, and naturally-derived colors. gone are the days of psychedelic tie dye, but here are the days of tasteful dip-dyed tube socks, beautiful monochrome indigo, saffron yellows and coral pinks applied to pants, drape-y tunics, and dresses.

5. trend toward simpler foods, nostalgic moments. we will not be rid of superfoods or adaptogens, but there will be a simplicity dimension that lends itself to the “old days” of brownies ala mode, pizza topped with cheese and pepperoni, and banana splits.

6. big sleeves, big silhouettes. there will be movement toward sleeves of the 60’s/70’s, shoulder pad nods from the 80’s and big collars. we will also see tunics make a comeback.

7. flared pants will be the new palazzo. soft textured pants will have flares and return to floor length. a nod to disco.

8. considering 6 and 7, there will be a trend of pairing tunics with trousers. a full oversized look that is exaggerated and super modern.

9. square-toed shoes are back in.

10. meditation and wellness are no longer specialties, they are just simply ways of life.

11. suits for women. but not your traditional suits of the past decades—these suits will be snazzy, made up of unexpected fabrics, prints and colors.

Maya OrenComment